Today's Hearing Aids – Sleek And Discreet

Modern high technology digital hearing aids in retail store shop window for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Modern hearing aids are truly technical marvels.  They are sleek, discreet and capable of performing high-level processing in a fraction of a second. Some are Bluetooth enabled, some connect directly to your smartphone and many can sync up seamlessly with the other technology in your home.  Luckily for consumers, hearing aid manufacturers are constantly evolving the design of hearing devices to keep up with technological milestones and customer needs.
With hearing aids, if small is good, then smaller is even better.  There’s a current trend towards completely in the canal (CIC) and receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids.  CICs are made using ear impressions to create a hearing aid that is completely customized for the user. The extra level of customization allows the user to place the CIC deep in the ear canal for a snug fit.
The RITEs take a different approach to the standard hearing aid because the receiver is not in the hearing aid but is instead placed directly in the ear canal. The rest of the hearing aid is contained in a small housing that is worn above or behind the outer ear and connected to the receiver by a small, clear tube.  The receiver’s proximity to the eardrum reduces the distance sound travels to reach the eardrum, as compared to other hearing aids, providing a high-quality result.  
Current design advances are possible because the components which make up a hearing aid including multi-directional microphones, processing chips and receivers, have dramatically decreased in size in the last decade.  When the technology gets more streamlined, the technological housing gets more streamlined.  Think about the first flat screen TVs that came to market and compare them to the new models.  The earlier models were heavier, slower and not nearly as elegant as what we see now.  Anyone who ever had to move an early version of a flat screen TV knows all about it.  Hearing aids were certainly never heavy, but they were far bulkier and slower than the updated models.
Having a smaller, sleek-looking hearing aid is a plus, but the true benefit of the modern hearing aid is its outstanding functionality.  More sophisticated microphones allow for better sound capturing from all directions.  Faster, and more intelligent, processing capabilities improve the listening experience by weeding out extra background noises, making hearing devices much more effective in social situations than they once were and providing a remedy to one of the most common hearing aid user complaints.  Additionally, many new models can be worn to sleep and even in the shower for a seamless and consistent hearing experience.
A seamless integration is really the point of seeking treatment for hearing loss.  The integration of the device into your life and the integration of you back into your life through the restoration of your hearing health.  Hearing means connection.  Get reconnected with the people and things you love.  Modern hearing aids are advanced but unbelievably user-friendly.  Schedule an appointment for an evaluation today and we can walk you through the best hearing aid options for you.

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