Custom Earmolds & Ear Plugs

Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia also offers a wide range of ear molds and ear plugs for daily and occasional use. We firmly believe that prevention goes a long way toward maintaining healthy hearing, and each time we are exposed to loud noises we run the risk of damaging the delicate parts of our ears.

We offer general ear plugs to protect your ears while you’re hunting, mowing your lawn, or enjoying a concert, as well as ones that glow in the dark for a spouse that snores too much. If you’re an avid swimmer we carry swim plugs that float so you won’t run the risk of losing them.

Individuals who are musicians can also benefit from custom devices that protect their ears without having to sacrifice the quality or clarity of their hearing. Whether you’re a serious musician or a casual aficionado, these monitors can go a long way toward maintaining your hearing for years to come.

Contact us today to find out what types of ear molds or ear plugs might work best for your specific activity.