Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic Captivate

Captivate features technology that reduces feedback interruptions and offers the convenience of rechargeability. Natural sound and better speech understanding with less noise. Captivate is your easy connection to the digital world.

Sonic Enchant

Sonic's family of Instinctively Smart hearing aids offers a wide range of options, from premium to basic, providing natural sound, better speech understanding with less noise, ease of use, and style that fits your needs and preferences.

Sonic Trek

If you have extreme hearing loss, now you can Experience More. More conversations, digital connections, and natural sound experiences. More power and comfort with finer volume adjustments. Experience more than ever before.

Sonic Cheer

A generous range of styles plus three technology levels means Cheer is the ideal solution for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Select from a range of custom and behind-the-ear models.

Sonic Journey

Designed for extreme hearing loss, the Journey Super Power BTE includes a robust set of features to deliver the confidence, connectivity and convenience you deserve. Explore the possibilities.

Sonic Radiant

The first hearing aid built on the Extend platform, Radiant continues our commitment to making Everyday Sounds Better. Radiant's integrated, intelligent technology actively finds, filters, and fine-tunes the sounds you want to hear. With personalization options, wireless connectivity, and lithium-ion rechargeability on select styles, Radiant lets you make the most of every moment.