Hearing Evaluations

What is a Hearing Evaluation?

At Hearing Associates of Northern Virginia, we understand that each patient has their own set of needs and priorities, so we like to begin your visit with a hearing evaluation. This evaluation is the first step in diagnosing your individual hearing needs. It enables us to determine both where you are hearing well, and where we may need to focus treatment. There are a variety of tests used during the evaluation, and they will help us to determine the extent, type, and details of your unique hearing loss.

After your Evaluation

After your evaluation is complete, our doctors will review your results and explain what options might work best for you. Our goal is to educate you on your particular type of hearing loss and provide you with multiple options to choose from. We will never force you down a certain path; instead we respect each patient’s decisions and aim to offer you information so that you can make an educated decision.

Why do I need a hearing evaluation?

A complete hearing evaluation identifies various types of hearing loss and gives us important information needed to provide you with customized solutions. Hearing impairment can affect everyone in different ways, and an evaluation helps us to determine what your clinical and lifestyle needs might be.

If it is determined after your evaluation that you could benefit from hearing devices, we will discuss the various options that are right for you and will recommend a solution for your needs. We offer the most advanced technology available today and will help guide you to selecting the perfect hearing aid.

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